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Insurance Services Across Canada


1502 Sutherland Ave, Landmark District Area, Kelowna, BC V1Y 5Y6


Insurance Services by Co-operators

West Kelowna

#630 525 HWY 97 S West Kelowna,

BC V1Z 4C9


Insurance Services by Co-operators


#27 590 HWY 33 W Kelowna,

BC V1X 6A8


Insurance Services by Co-operators


Solve Insurance is representing Co-operators  since 2006. We provide insurance services for Homes, Businesses, Commercials, Farms, Hotels, Life and Investment Products. Send us a contact for a Free Quote. Call us: 1-866-582-3777 (Toll Free) / (250) 861-3​777

Insurance Services by Co-operators
Insurance Services by Co-operators

We protect more than your vehicle

We offer a range of optional products to help get the best level of protection yourself, your family and your vehicle.

• Road running/ ICBC Delivery service

• Text message renewal reminders

• Custom BC Park plates

• Autoplan renewals

• Out of province transfers

• Meet with our Fleet insurance specialist

• Motorcycle insurance

• Excellent Customer Support

• Competent Professionals

Call us: 1-866-582-3777 (Toll Free) / (250) 861-3​777

Start a conversation with our trusted Agents Now!

With more than 250,000 automobile crashes occurring in BC each year, top-quality auto insurance is a vital way to protect you and your family. No matter where you're going or what you're driving, we'll make sure you have the right coverage to protect what matters to you most.

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