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Investment Services


Life Insurance & Investing Made Easy

We offer the advice, solutions and resources you need to reach your goals. And we do it in a way that always puts you first.

When it comes to investing, we all want to get the most from every dollar. That means building a plan: adopting healthy money habits, positioning your money for growth, and guarding against inevitable market fluctuations. That’s where we come in!


Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, we customize the right mix of accounts(like RRSPs and TFSAs) and products (like mutual funds1 and segregated funds) to meet your needs for today and goals for tomorrow.

Investment Solutions

Setting up an investment account is the first step to investing. It can then hold your choice of investments, including mutual fundsand segregated funds, to match your goals.

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Shopping for life insurance in Canada? It’s important to have a plan that secures the value of your estate and maintains the lifestyle and financial well-being of your loved ones. Our solutions range from basic coverage that helps you protect what matters to more flexible options that help you grow your savings.

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